Digital soundscapes to a text

With my 1/2 class we are investigating sound and light.  One of the students when listening to the sound of the wind howling down our corridor said “that wind sounds creepy”.  From this, I will introduce author’s intent (through choice of language, and in multimodal texts sound, lighting etc).  Students will co-construct with teacher a digital “soundscape” to accompany a page in the picture book (this might be creation of music through, or soundeffects or thinglink using the image from the text), and compare and contrast the different effect it has on the audience.  Students will then create a digital soundscape in pairs.  From this, I will lead into planning and writing a short piece of imaginative writing that focuses on settings, specifically creating sound through language choice. Students will read aloud and record their piece with accompanying sound effects, and peers will listen.

AC connection:  Students identify that texts serve different purposes and that this affects how they are organised. They describe characters, settings and events in different types of literature.

DT curriculum:  F-2 Digital Systems / Evaluating

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