Unit 2 – Algorithms & Programming: Extended Task 1

I’ve done some visual programming with students in the past from 1-5 years students, using mainly blocky and scratch.

My activity is 3-4 students will have to create a program to tell their story they have written in English using Scratch. Depending on the class and their knowledge and understanding of coding and visual programming will determine where I start and the level of complexity. I taught classes with students starting with zero coding knowledge and experience (or any computer experience) and classes with students with 2-3 years of coding experience. If I had to start with the former, I would introduce and allow students to explore coding with Blocking after I gave students an explanation of the new blocks and how programming works. Blocky is a great tool for students to explore and learn to solve programs with coding both independently or under guidance before moving them to the similar Scratch programming. In scratch lessons, students would be guided through the key programming statements of moving forward, key sensing and “if” statements. I would guide students through a series for small programming activities to develop students understanding of these programming statements before moving to the assessment task of putting their story into the program.


If storytelling was to advance for the class, the unit can be altered to students creating art or illustrations using scratch or similar visual block programs as a similar task that meets the same standards.

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