Task 2: Digital Tech + English!

Hi my idea for a lesson is as follows;

This is an activity I would do with the younger years, however it could be adapted to middle primary by having it focus on a class novel and focus more on extended recall. Similar to another teacher I would design a map that relates to a novel I have read to the class and have them navigate with a form of programmable robot, or person, depending on what resources I have available to me. 


I would then have the students navigate the map, mimicking what they can recall from the book and either individually or as a class, naming each location and what the character did there. Following this I would get the kids to make a ‘remix’ of the book and retell it with how they would act in the book, where they would go or what they would do, mimicking these movements on the map.


The outcome of this lesson would be reinforcing knowledge and understanding of algorithms by encouraging them to problem solve in manners that lean on this. They would also continue to develop their recall skills from books they have read.

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