Task 3: Digital Tech + Maths!

Hi, for my lesson I would combine maths with multimedia design for my technology integration.


I would aim this lesson at the year six to seven year level, focusing on combining what we recently learnt about perimeter, shape and volume and multimedia design, where students will create posters that explain each of these concepts to viewers and demonstrate them. This will initially be split into two lines, one for Maths and one for STEM and be combined at the end in an order such as what follows.




  • Learning about Area and Perimeter, the rules for working them out in various shapes
  • Moving into volume, doing activities exploring volume and its use
  • A project around collecting boxes from home, bringing in and working out the volume




  • Design using an application such as Photoshop or some other design program
  • The dos and donts of good visual design
  • A focus on infographics, how they are used and made


After these outcomes have been achieved, the students will then have a group project to make posters for Areia, Perimeter and Volume to act as infographics aimed at children their aged and draw on skills and knowledge from both subject lines and act as a method of reinforcing this knowledge.

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