Task 3: Digital Tech + Math

Year 1- Number and Algebra

Develop confidence with number sequences to and from 100 by ones from any starting point. (ACMNA012)

F-2 Digital Technologies
Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems (ACTDI004).
students start by playing a game of Snakes and Ladders Board game with dice and counters. Once students understand how to play the game they move on to playing Snakes and Ladders on a Beebot Snakes and Ladders mat. Students roll the dice and program the Beebot to move to the correct location on the game mat. Extension- Students make their own Beebot Snakes and Ladders Game. Provide students with a large, blank, grid Beebot mat. Students need to write the numbers on the grid, place snakes and ladders where ever they like on the grid. They can then play the game or give the game to another group to play. Students must play the game using programming a Beebot based on the number rolled on the dice.

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