Blockly and Option 1

Unit 2: I completed the Blockly hour of code with the turtle challenges. I found it challenging yet addictive as I just wanted to figure out how to solve the problem. I chose this activity to increase my knowledge and skills in coding so that I can teach my students more confidently. Understanding the symbols was challenging at first but once I got used to it I found it much easier.


2. In multiple classes I have given students the opportunity to cooperate with each other to plan steps to a solution in design technology , the opportunity to solve it or make it and then figure out what changes are required to improve the product. These steps involve group and class discussions, trial and error based on knowledge of topic and problem solving skills. In HASS we look at unjumbling timelines and placing events in chronological order in groups, retracing the storyline of Literature read. In dance we are forever looking at algorithms where we complete steps to be able to perform correctly and independently. We often reflect back on our group efforts and discuss what is working and what appears to not be working. For example, T: “why does it not look right?” S:  “ we are going in different directions.” T: “ what body parts are going in different directions and what way should we be going?”.

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