Unit 3: English Connnections

Lesson Goal: Using a stick, create a useful tool or creature that will help a person complete a specific task in real life.

Based on what I witnessed in the course I would read a story book to the class (“Not a stick”) and have students complete the design technologies process of making an object to help people in real life using a stick and other recycled materials available to them in class. It will be a team effort (groups of 2-3) and students must design their tool/ creature, consider its functions and purpose before constructing. Students will then have a chance to test their tool/ creature and make any necessary changes before evaluating their process and solution. To relate back to English, students will create a narrative using their tool/ object and keynote. In key note they will be asked to create a story of x amount of pages (depending on yr. level) and create an interesting story explaining the journey of their creature/ tool (or as the main idea or character throughout). This will be published to SEESAW where the teacher can mark it electronically and families at home can view their child’s work almost instantly.

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