U2: Algorithms & Programming


Below is a screenshot of a learning and teaching resource that visually explains the key programming statements (not all of hem are included). This activity is targeted at introductory level F-2 and 3-4 students.

The aim of this activity is for the students to use a specific programming statement upon request by the teacher to jump over the small red hurdle that goes around the treadmill a random number of times. Scratch generates the random number between 1 and 15 itself at the start of each level, and the character tells the student how many times to jump over the hurdle. The student then has to produce the code using the requested statement type and values in order to reach the correct number of jumps results in going to the next level. A student who has learnt amd understood the statements is shown to be proficient and can proceed to levels of increased difficulty.

NOTE: The background code that is not relevant to the student is hidden to help them focus on the custom code blocks you want them to focus on.


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