U2 Algorithms and Programming

This was my very first experience with independently doing a coding activity. I thought it to be a good idea to start with something interesting and it was fun trying to get to the destination. The challenging part was in level 7 and 8 when I was confused with the if else blocks I was using. I think it took me long time to decide the steps to reach the destination. I selected this activity because I am not  very confident with Code and thought that this will be an interesting starting point for me as well as the kids of year levels 3-4. I think I can use it in multiple ways in my classroom —firstly, as a simple fun way of teaching code to the students of year 3 and 4, secondly by connecting it to Maths and asking them to write in integer form how many places did they move to the left or right of their starting point treating the starting point as origin (for Maths  year levels 7-8). This can be used to teach co-ordinates and integers in Maths and can be made more relevant for the senior classes with a little modification. I was thinking of taking the next step by playing the game battle ships .

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