Task 1

I often use small Lego kits to demonstrate the need understanding language use when giving instructions, a precursor to understanding the need for coding being specific and the same for everyone.

I have 2 different sets, a car and a train both similar sizes and 7 of each set so the whole class works in pairs. In their pairs the students get a Lego set with the instructions. Only one can see the instructions and only one can build. They are given a few minutes to decide on who will take each role, to set the pieces out how they want them and talk about what they might refer to the pieces as. Both can touch the pieces at this time but they may not look at the instructions unless they have that role.

They are then asked to build the set. When building the builder is the only one allowed to touch the pieces. After the task they swap Lego sets and roles. At the end as a class we vote on which role was easier and we discuss the strategies that worked and what could have been done differently to make the task more efficient.

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