Unit 4 Task

In the future, I feel like cyber attackers will become a lot smarter and be able to hack more easily. Even cyber security is becoming more advanced, there will be people who are determined enough to bypass this and find a to hack into devices. Although, I believe that young people are more aware of the danger of cyber attacks and are less likely to fall for scams which could mean that there will be less cyber attacks in the future.

However, countless people store sensitive information online such as their bank account details, addresses and full names. Because this information is so readily available, people can becomes victims of things like identity theft. In the future, hackers will try and obtain data like this to either sell it for profit or the hack the persons actual bank account. Hackers have also started stealing social media accounts with moderately large followings that they can sell to other people. In the future, hackers will need to find a way to entice younger people into clicking unsafe links or providing their details. They can do this, and have already started doing this, by using modern incentives such as more followers/status.

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