Chance Digitized

Across year groups with varying complexity, students explore and understand Chance (Statistics/Probability) through Digital Technologies Process and Production Skills. Students engage with chance in their own world through creating flowcharts in Lucidchart first based on the roll of a die and then on a topic of their choice (in groups).

In exploring chance, students again first explore roll of a die to gather evidence of the actual compared with the predicted roll. Results can be tabulated in a spreadsheet allowing for ease of graphical interface. Students can then similarly explore a topic of their choice (in groups).

In explaining chance, students develop a scratch animation to develop coding expertise and voice-over explanation of the theory and practice of chance. Students are creating understanding and sharing their insights.

In elaborating on chance, students can develop a survey on Survey Monkey to gather data to compare against their own prediction of an outcome of their choice. In gathering data, students must consider the type of data and the challenges of survey collection (bias, non-response…). Students will analyse the data and present findings through the interactive whiteboard.

Students have thus engaged with chance as a real world phenomena and used digital technologies to inform others, interact with data and analyse results.

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