Task 1

I completed the Blockly Games: Turtle and here is my reflection.

What was your experience learning to code for the first time?

Easier than I thought. Drag and drop blocks seemed fun.

What did you find challenging?

It was simple enough to make a start. Took about half hour to complete all challenges.

What did you enjoy?

Clear instructions and gradually increased difficulties.

Why did you select the particular activity and how could you imagine this being used in a classroom environment or professional learning session?

It’s structured in a way to make users feel like it’s a puzzle/game rather than straight tech challenges. It’s been divided into different stages with pretty clear instructions so younger students might find it less difficult. This task can be used as a introduction of blocking coding for primary students.

Blocky also provides a large range of different languages so for students who came from a non-English speaking background won’t be disadvantaged from their language barriers.

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