I had some great results and light bulb moments with Literacy in my Foundation and 1/2 classes with the App Show ME https://apps.apple.com/au/app/showme-interactive-whiteboard/id445066279

Students were read a Big Book narrative picture story book.  After completing a sequencing activity, they used this information to recreate the story in the Show Me App.

The great thing about the app is that it is so simple to use.  Students can upload pictures they’ve drawn or photos they have taken from the book.  They can type or write and draw arrows and shapes.  They can add more pages as they go, so it ends up being a full animated digital story.

One of the even more exciting parts is that they can record not only their voices, but any words or markings with the pen and movement of photos or characters all recorded in real time.

Highlights were sharing their creations on the ‘Big Board’ – interactive whiteboard in front of the whole class.

This Digital tech activity incorporated all areas of literacy – Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing.

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