The key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety

The differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber security are demonstrated through the knowledge and skills of the three. Firstly, cyber security relates to the protection of the computers, networks, programs and technology science. Cyber security requires skilled professionals to create and design systems as well as testing procedures to prevent any attacks that may occur, all while maintaining a secure technology system that will protect from viruses. Whereas Cyber awareness is the frame of mind and action of an individual who takes precautions to secure all their private information. These precautions can be implemented by creating strong passwords as well as two factor authentication on all accounts, ensuring they have purchased and downloaded virus protections, as well as making sure they are staying aware of all data they are posting while keeping up to date with the knowledge on how to store and protect their data safely. Furthermore, Cyber safety is the act of controlling and implementing online safety.  This can be done by considering and being aware of your digital footprint and how it can be tracked. A few ways this can be considered is collaborating and sharing appropriately, ensuring you are applying safety settings and the practice of morals online all while being cautious with appliances and tools.

All while this is vital information that needs to be learnt and applied by anyone who access the internet, the safe practice of internet usage needs to specifically be taught in schools to showcase the dangers and risks to students. This should be taught to every year level as young as prep so they can grasp the idea and then apply the safe practices of internet usage. It is also vital that as the years go on, the students are learning more in depth knowledge as they will start to use the internet more frequently as well as unsupervised to ensure they are taking the appropriate steps to protect themselves.

The key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety

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