Digital Data in Mathematics (Unit 2)

To put simply, cyber security means using programs on computers to protect digital data. Cyber awareness means being aware on protecting digital data and realize the potentials of some negativity through knowledge and attitude. Cyber safety means responsible on using device and technologies. As I am teaching mathematics and also a homeroom teacher, I should teach these on both session of mathematics and homeroom teacher session. I mostly use technology on mathematics, hence I think sharing this knowledge and applying this will be helpful for students. Also, as homeroom teacher should monitor the students, it’s better for me to remind my students to always be careful for digital technology and data.


What I probably do in my mathematics classroom is students must be aware in obtaining data and use it for analysis or calculation. Take an example, we will get the graph in real life data and use it using differential calculus to forecast the interval of increasing and decreasing that occur on the future. As my students need to take the data, they probably do not see third parties that might steal their data or even change the data. Hence, I think I should inform them for any particular misleading information.

Idea for classroom


Statistics can be used to analyze the data. However , in some cases, my students cannot obtain the data which is quite private and limited access.



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