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Michelle Chomiak▸ U1: Introduction

Hi there, I'm a graduate still in my first year, and completed the first course in Dec 2015. I'm now an ICT specialist in a primary school in Perth teaching PP-Y6 for lessons ranging from 40mins to 55 mins per week. I used to be a programmer so am familiar with all the concepts but am learning how to teach them. I'll be starting to introduce the Digital Technologies curriculum this year. Looking forward to collaborating with you all! Twitter: @MrsChom


Rebecca Newell▸ U3: English Connections

Whilst at university I created a resource on hot make an animation using powtoon that I could use in the classroom. We would view the resource. I would then get the students to choose a story they have created already or a fairy tale they are familiar with. I would get them to plan out the characters and series of events. Students would then start experimenting with powtoon. Students would work in teams of 2 or 3 to create and debug their animat…


Rebecca Newell▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I have not used Blockly before but have tried Scratch jnr which helped me make decisions on how to program my way through the mazes. At first I found it easy but I have yet completed the maze on level 10. If the actions are repeated I can understand how to loop but level 10 I am still debugging to make my way through!
I enjoyed trying to get through the maze with using the least amount of blocks.
I selected the particular act…


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cindy thornton▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I have used Scratch Jr and Scratch 2.0 with my Grade 3/4 class, but this task provided a good excuse to explore Blockly. I completed all the maze tasks but got really stuck on the tenth challenge (I wanted a repeat loop) and eventually resorted to youtube for a solution! What I learnt from this though, is that programming skills and concepts are definitely transferable. I've since had a play with and the little b…