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Karen Cloonan▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

Task 1: Visual Programming. I choice the Blockly program as my coding experience is as an immerging learner, having enrolled in this course I feel I have learnt some very important and useful skills which I can pass on to students. I found the Blockly 10 steps program a challenge as the levels progressed. I realise I am a 'big-picture' person and the precise details required to successfully complete the game required me to think ‘details, details, details’ !! I feel that the Paired Programming suggested, would have assisted me. The Blockly platform was an …


debbie Campagna▸ U1: Introduction

Hi all. I completed the F-6 MOOC a couple of years ago and I am now redoing it whilst supporting some of the staff at my current school. They are enjoying the journey and we are all dedicated to implementing Dig Tech into our classrooms. I am completing the 'Extended' MOOC to broaden my knowledge and to assist other teachers in implementing DT across the curriculum. I am looking forward to new learning and would love to network with others around the Hobart area.


Janet Moeller▸ U4: Math Connections

One of the only things I remember doing with computers in school (back in the Dark Ages) was Turtle maths. It looks like Turtle maths (or turtle-like task programs) still exists – which makes me happy!

For maths, a challenge could be posed to Year 3-4 students to program Turtle in such a way that he draws a pentagon, a hexagon, etc. In this way, students are experimenting with and exploring degrees of angles and sums of angles. This leads to further lessons connecting polygons with sums of angles.