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debbie Campagna▸ U1: Introduction

Hi all. I completed the F-6 MOOC a couple of years ago and I am now redoing it whilst supporting some of the staff at my current school. They are enjoying the journey and we are all dedicated to implementing Dig Tech into our classrooms. I am completing the 'Extended' MOOC to broaden my knowledge and to assist other teachers in implementing DT across the curriculum. I am looking forward to new learning and would love to network with others around the Hobart area.


Janet Moeller▸ U4: Math Connections

One of the only things I remember doing with computers in school (back in the Dark Ages) was Turtle maths. It looks like Turtle maths (or turtle-like task programs) still exists – which makes me happy!

For maths, a challenge could be posed to Year 3-4 students to program Turtle in such a way that he draws a pentagon, a hexagon, etc. In this way, students are experimenting with and exploring degrees of angles and sums of angles. This leads to further lessons connecting polygons with sums of angles.


Belinda Blackburn▸ U4: Math Connections

Digital Tech and Math #cserTask3
Students have used Scratch Jr for a Term and are familiar with how to program simple events.
Collect, explore and sort data, and use digital systems to present the data creatively (ACTDIP003)
Lesson 1 – Exploring numbers 1 to 10
Children will draw a sprite relating to the number on different pages in ScratchJr. e.g 1 cat, 2 dogs
Lesson 2 – Programming objects
Children will now use the programming blocks to …


Belinda Blackburn▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

I have already tried visual programming, Daisy Dinosaur, Scratch Jr, Scratch and and can't get enough of it. So I have tried a variety of different ways for the children to pair program, the most popular one is
1. Buddy class. The older children take the drivers seat and the younger children are the navigators. The older children have been very patient and have also learnt from the younger children.
2. Videoing the lesson with Ipad. One child does the programming e.g Scratch Jr and the other videos what they are doing. At the end of the task…