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Mary Jones▸ U3: English Connections

This task is based on something my 12 year old son has been working on at home and has had him very engaged. In a unit about 'Marvelous Melbourne', investigate and research Melbourne and its landmarks, writing up Information Cards on each one (English: Creating texts – plan, draft and publish informative texts). Now develop a Scratch Gameboard (Digital Technologies: Develop digital solutions as simple visual programs) where you can travel around the Melbourne CBD, negotiating your way to each landmark so that can can win points based on how many you can s…


Hayley Higgs▸ U2: Algorithms & Programming

What was your experience learning to code for the first time?

I first experienced learning code when a colleague and I used with Grade 2/3 students. We learnt with the students and found it to be fun and addictive but also quite challenging!

The students finished the lesson feeling very tired and some said 'my brain hurts'! It was a great test of patience and resilience.

Students worked on individu…